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Published @ October 14 2017 by Morten Johansen

I've been looking and testing different solutions to control some web servers I have. Tried all the free ones, but did not find any that fitted my use case and requirements 100 percent. Some of the requirements I had was things like:

First one I tested was The platform is really nice and get's the job done in regards to my requirements. Sadly the price structure is a bit heavy as they charge $10 per server - that's a bit too much if you ask me.

I then tested out (referral link) which has a much better price structure, as they only charge $10 for unlimited servers, with all features included. Because of the price and features between ServerPilot and RunCloud being almost the same, I went with RunCloud as my provider. Below you'll find some screenshots from RunCloud and the price structure of the two providers for reference.

RunCloud servers list view

RunCloud server view

RunCloud app view (SSL settings)

There's many more features than what I provided as screenshots here, so I advice you to test them out. You get a 5 day free Pro trial (after the 5 days your servers will just be downgraded to the free package - no lost data) just by signing up and if you use my referral link HERE you'll get an extra 15 days for free If you decide to buy the Pro package.

RunCloud price structure

ServerPilot price structure

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