Azure Cloud Shell

As announced here by Hermant from The PowerShell Team, Azure Cloud Shell is now in public preview.

Microsoft write this description about Azure Cloud Shell on their docs site.

"Azure Cloud Shell is an interactive, browser-accessible shell for managing Azure resources. It gives you the flexibility of choosing the shell experience that best suits the way you work. Linux users can opt for a Bash experience, while Windows users can opt for PowerShell."

If you are into PowerShell and Azure, this feature is a great addition into the always growing Azure universe!

You'll find the icon to start Cloud Shell in the upper right corner near your username as displayed below.

When you are authenticated and logged in you can simply run a ls command to see your available subscriptions.

As described here (under: Files persistence across sessions) you need to remember that files outside $home\clouddrive are not persisted - in other words, keep the files you want to be able to access across sessions in this directory.

As seen below you can even setup Git in your Cloud Drive folder. The Azure-Syspeople-LAB.ps1 file I'm loading at each login to Cloud Shell is just some custom functions we wrote at work to control our Lab environment that's deployed to Azure DevTest Labs.

In regards to pricing of Cloud Shell you'll only have to pay for storage as described in this doc.

Tools and languages available in Azure Cloud Shell can be seen below.