Liquid Planner, PowerShell & ServiceNow

We use Liquid Planner at work for project management and time tracking. It's a great tool for both disciplines for a small company like ours (+10 employees). At work we do ITSM disciplines thru the ServiceNow platform and a hole lot of automation, scripting & integrations (directly in the platform, otherwise thru Azure Automation if the product is ServiceNow Express).

We had a growing requirement from our customers; to keep them informed about the tasks we were working on. The customer is looking in ServiceNow Express (or even worse, asking status by e-mail) and we use Liquid Planner to plan our work. How do you bind the two products together without doing copy/paste work?

General idea is this: Custom table (or project module) in ServiceNow (Implementation task in our case) -> triggers outgoing REST message -> incoming azure webhook -> triggers azure runbook -> runbook will grab values and send to Liquid Planner. Easy, simple and clean and beats the hell out of Liquid Planners standard "e-mail create task" feature.

I created a PowerShell module to handle Liquid Planner API request - it wasn't created, so had to create one from scratch since the idea was to use Azure Automation to "talk" between the products. I think the module and the runbooks from Azure came out pretty well and we still use the integration to this day to keep ServiceNow Express and Liquid Planner in sync. In ServiceNow Enterprise you have the project module, but you could use the same technique to keep them in sync (we tested and it works as expected).