Switching framework to Flextype

Published @ February 10 2019

After started blogging with WordPress in around year 2000, I've tried many blogging frameworks since then. The last one I used was Kirby CMS version 2. They have released a version 3 that they think is €100 worthy when going from 2 to 3....I don't agree. That's just to aggressive for a flat file framework  - the product is good, but it is not that good.

I've searched and tested a lot of frameworks before coming across Flextype. It is still in early development (version 0.8.3 at the time of writing) but it looks very promising. That's also why I made the decision to make the switch and maybe see If I could help the project where my skills allowed me to help out.

Keywords: #blog #framework #flextype #flexnotes

RunCloud.io for php web servers

Published @ October 14 2017

I've been looking and testing different solutions to control some web servers I have. Tried all the free ones, but did not find any that fitted my use case and requirements 100 percent.

Keywords: #runcloud #hosting #php #server

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