darkShell [template for Bludit]

darkShell is a Bludit theme I created, because I could not find any dark based Bludit themes that fitted my needs. The theme is based/ported on/from "The-Shell" for Ghost CMS (all credits to the author of it). I adjusted the theme a bit to fit my needs - social author links has been added, fontawesome support has been added and also logic to control the displaying of author information. I consider the theme to be in a MVP state, but as of now it fits the needs I have for it.

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New year 2020 - new site [framework]

I always wanted this blog to be about "all-things-technology" and always wanted that as an goal. Within the last 3 years I failed to do that because (In my opinion) I was testing frameworks and how I could customize them and not spending time on content.

Content is the most important part, not the framework - I just can't help myself because I'm a geeeek in that area and love doing testing and development on all the frameworks out there.

Without further fuss here's bludit which is a framework i'll be spending time on developing (themes & plugin's) but the most important part: content for my site/blog.

I'm resetting all previous settings - starting over and hope to live up to my own promises - happy 2020 all!